The Disneyland Park Entrance is the main entrance to My Disneyland 6.0.


This visit to Disneyland takes you back to the 1950s and 1960s. Perhaps you consider the early decades of the park to be its Golden Age, when everything at Walt Disney’s Magic Kingdom in Anaheim was perfect.

Let’s look around the park entrance.

Even before you enter the park, you can take a snapshot of Main Street Station and one of the trains that stops there. As an added bonus, your photo will include the industrial chain link fence (topped with barbed wire) that separates the paid admission area from where you are now.

When your family poses for a photo near the west exit, the Passenger Train in the background looks great. And nobody will notice the stained asphalt and unedged lawn, right?

Or pose your family right in front of a chain link fence.

Once you pass through the entrance turnstiles, the floral Mickey Mouse head is always a pleasure to see. It makes a great photo background. The flowerbed is retained by a bare concrete wall.

Here’s a photo tip for you: When you’re snapping a shot in front of the station, frame your shot so that it cuts off the bare concrete wall and the asphalt pavement.

And try not to let a man with a hat walk into your shot.

Disneyland Park Entrances Around The WorldEdit

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